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One of the most known & famous Cigarette brand Marlboro Cigarettes, made and developed by Philip Morris, started its history on 1847 in England. The brand is obliged by its origin to Great Marlborough Street in London. It sounds interesting, but initially, Marlboro Cigarettes was targeted at female smokers. So, as you can guess, "Mild As May" is one of most favorite Marlboro Cigarette's slogans.

Marlboro cigarettes currently available on the market:

  • Reds (Full Flavor): Kings, 100s and 72mm box
  • Medium: Kings and 100s
  • Lights: Kings, 100s, and 72mm box (marketed as Marlboro Gold )
  • Ultra Lights: Kings and 100s (marketed as Marlboro Silver in the EU)
  • Menthol: Kings,100s, and 72mm box
  • Menthol Lights: Kings and 100s
  • Menthol Ultra Lights: Kings and 100s
  • Menthol Mild: Kings,100s, and 72mm box
  • UltraSmooth: Kings
  • Blend No. 27

Camel is a brand, consisting of a blend of Turkish and United State tobacco, which enjoys a unique position on the market. Till the present days the quality of the Camel cigarette remains among few pleasures due to combination of the most refined type of tobacco, offering to the smokers all over the world a unique taste. One of constituent parts of Camel cigarettes success is a combination of a high quality tobacco and the product's low price. They belong to 10best-selling cigarette brands, which and come in the different varieties. Camel cigarettes were harmonized in a way to be smoked considerably easier in contrast to the much harsher brands popular in the period of their introduction in 1913 by R.J.Reynolds

Camel cigarettes were originally blended to have a milder taste in contrast to brands that were considered much harsher at the time of its introduction. They were advance promoted, prior to official release, by a careful advertising campaign that included "teasers" which merely stated that "the Camels are coming" (a play on the old Scottish folk song, "The Campbells Are Coming").

This marketing style was, in fact, a prototype for attempts to sway public opinion that coincided with the United States' entry into the First World War, and later the Second World War. Another promotion strategy was the use of a Circus camel, 'Old Joe', which was driven through town and used to distribute free cigarettes. Old Joe was used as the model for the camel on the package.

Camel cigarettes come in the following varieties:

  • No. 9 (King Size and 100s)
  • No. 9 Menthe (King Size and 100s)
  • Subtle Flavour (Blue in UK)
  • Orange (often seen in Italy)
  • Filters (King Size, 100s and 99s)
  • Lights (King Size, 100s and 99s)
  • Ultra Lights (King Size and 100s)
Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online Cigarettes
Buy Cheap Cigarettes Online Cigarettes